Claire has helped me to understand what foods to eliminate and how to shop properly for what I need to eat. It was hard at the start but Claire has supported me every fortnight and in between if I needed some extra support to help me stay on track. I have coeliac disease and an underactive thyroid and had a pain in my tummy for years even with following my gluten free diet. I had lots of scans and thankfully nothing was found but I had this unexplained pain.

I had tried cutting out some foods but that hadn’t helped but when I started the Whals Protocol within 4weeks the pain had gone, the bloating in my tummy had gone, my hair was shiny and my nails strong. It was amazing. All this by eating loads of the right foods and learning how to improve my sleep.

I’m still learning Claire!

Thank you.

Deena40 years old

I was feeling pretty yuck for sometime; years I’d say. Nothing specific really, I felt sluggish, under power, low energy, and irritable. I noticed if I drank alcohol and ate sweet things my skin would breakout in acne like spots. I looked puffy all the time and was putting on weight even when I was exercising and reducing my calories. Then I got migraines. Terrible migraines.

A friend put me in touch with Claire and I began the Whals Protocol. Once I learned why I needed to eat certain foods to improve my detox pathways I was hooked it made sense. Within the first month I lost one stone of weight and my migraines were less severe. For three months I have been feeling good and my body is much more lean. I still need to work on my self-care action plan Claire has designed with me.

I joke with Claire that I’m a work in progress but I am feeling Fabulously well on Whals!

Thanks to you Claire xx


Aidi32 years old

I have been following the Whals Protocol ® for two months and my anxiety has improved and I feel less hormonal. I am a nurse and have two autoimmune diseases and know I’m ………..more likely to get third so I was looking for help. My job is really stressful, I’m menopausal and feel I’m running on empty most days.

I have found the The Whals Protocol ®very informative and very emotional. I have done 100days now which is such an achievement! When I look back on it the turning point for me was when Claire spent a lot of time helping me to identify “why I wanted my health” before we started. It was a very difficult first step for me but a necessary one for me. There were tears lots of tears but Claire was lovely. She was so supportive and encouraging and we took things at my pace.

Somehow Claire knew I needed to find my “why” so I would be motivated to change my lifestyle. I’m learning to live without processed food and I’m finding I quite enjoy cooking and looking for new recipes and trying new foods and flavours. Bone Broth is not bad at all! I’m only beginning, but I feel so much more in control of my health and hopeful that I can make the interventions that I need to help keep me well. My hubby says I’m the Queen now as I have regular Epson Salts baths, play binaural beats and eat good food every day.


Katie56 years old